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Hypnotic Rainbow Glow Crystal Geode Room
This is cave, shaped like the inside of a sphere that varies in diameter from twenty to a hundred feet or more.  The walls, floor and ceiling of the chamber are covered in glow crystals that vary in size from one inch to a foot in length.  The glow crystals in the chamber emit a twisting pattern of subtle, shifting rainbow colors that create a constant hypnotic pattern of light in the room (as the spell).  Any person entering the chamber, without his or her eyes covered, must make a Will Save DC15 or become fascinated (as hypnotic pattern spell).  A victim of this effect will remain fascinated as long as he or she remains in the chamber thereafter.  The effects will only wear off (as per the spell) after the person has been removed from the geode chamber.  If a person makes his or her initial save, every 1d6 rounds after, they must make an subsequent save against the hypnotic pattern with a cumulatively higher DC (2nd check is at DC16 and third is at DC17 and so on).  What is worse, once a victim is fascinated, they begin to lose 1 point of wisdom per every 1d4 rounds while in the chamber, via a magical energy drain!  Once reduced to 0, the person becomes effectively insane and in a catatonic state or coma.  Only a cure insanity, heal spell, and restoration will bring the victim back to normal.  
Many of the hypnotic rainbow glow crystals in the geode chamber are quite valuable if harvested.  A quality crystal is worth about hundred gold pieces.  Most of the crystals are of low quality and once harvested are quickly drained of magic, going dark in only 1d4 hours.  A person, working diligently to harvest quality glow crystals can mine about a thousand gold pieces worth a day.  Working sightless, it is almost impossible to locate high quality crystals and process would take much, much longer.   One geode cave would contain 5d10 x 100 gold pieces worth of high quality hypnotic glow crystals.  
A hypnotic glow rainbow glow crystal taken outside of the geode cave will have the same effect as the spell to all living creatures viewing it within twenty feet, but will not have the energy draining effect nor the cumulatively higher will save DC.  Hypnotic pattern rainbow glow crystals can be crushed into a magical powder that will have the same effect as the spell if thrown in the air.  One high quality glow crystal will produce ten doses of this powder.
An idea from my Dungeons and Dragons campaign of Mist World.

See my Mist World RPG folder in my gallery for more ideas like this [link]

Many of my Mist World ideas can also be found in :icondungeoncrawl:, which a great group for Dungeon Masters and players who love dungeon crawl style RPGs.

EilonwyG Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
That is awesomely nefarious! I love it! I'll have to see where I can stick this in my own campaign. I totally want one of these now.
Mistgod Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh good, I'm glad you will find it useful! :D
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December 16, 2011
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